Some Random Wedding


August 13, 2011 by Rhi

Yes, I know, I know! I have been missing for nearly two weeks now! I’ve missed two Beat the Heat challenge posts. I will make it up to you, I promise. But, in my defence, this post will explain what I’ve been up to. Basically… well, I got married!

So brace yourselves – this post is going to be picture heavy, and I’ll try and explain the fun and games and good times which were had by all!

The good times began with the arrival of my best mate Tim, aka Spitfire, who arrived on the Wednesday. Much of the week was taken up with planning and getting shit sorted. For some reason, I also thought it would be a fun idea to get involved with my church’s Summer Mission. So Monday to Thursday I was up at 8.30am to play with some kids and have fun with that. By the time Friday arrived, I was already exhausted. But, in one of those classic “Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time” moments, I met up with everyone at a lovely bar in Glasgow to celebrate my 31st birthday – which also became a bit of a Hen Night. Yes, I did. I had my hen night on the eve of my wedding. It all started innocently enough:

Me, Tim, and Tom grinning in the background.

But after the cocktails and frolics, someone suggested we go onto a club, which turned out to be a Rock club:

And then I did a bit of this:

And the evening finished like this:

Me, Lion, and Rob (Chief Bridesmaid)

I haven’t ended a night out by posing with the lions in George Square since about 1999, so it was a nice end to a slightly more energetic evening than I’d planned.

Which meant my head hurt a little the next morning. Oops. But it was OK, because everything was catered for and I basically sat in the back garden with a glass of non-alcoholic cider, and a cigarette, for the best part of the day. Eventually, it was time to get dressed. My dress was my new, and my tiara was borrowed from my Mum, having been bought for her by my Gran this time last year, for her wedding (my Gran passed away at Christmas, so it felt nice to begin a family heirloom trend). My veil was old. Very old. It was the one which my Mother wore when she married my Father. So even older that I am. And my blue. Well, I forgot about it. Luckily Tim, as Father of the Bride, came to the rescue, and tucked my saltire lighter between my ample bosoms. It was a good move – I didn’t have a handbag, so I needed that lighter to hand A LOT that day!

Piling in the car, heading to the church, I felt utterly ridiculous. I am NOT a girly girl, and coming down the stairs in my dress and veil, I felt like a frog in a dinner suit. Just not quite right. But by the time I got to the church, I’d started to focus more on the getting to see Tom, and the party afterwards. It was nearly done, and we were nearly there.

Here’s me getting to the church:

The flowers, incidentally, were expertly crafted by my Mummy, from a Tesco Finest bouquet. She’s awesome, is my Mum!

And then there’s a gap, because there’s no photos allowed during the service. But it was lovely, and beautiful, and lots of lovely people were there (and some of them cried a little bit). My adorable friend Lizzie sang The Lord Bless You And Keep You, by Rutter. And the hymns were “And Did Those Feet…” to start (which the minister was none to pleased about!) and Blessed Assurance (because, well because it’s awesome). We had a reading from Song of Songs (“Gentle erotica, basically” as the minister put it). And then it was all done! We were husband and wife, blessed, signed, and setting of up the aisle to our organist’s interpretation of Pomp and Circumstance March No2. It wasn’t how it normally sounds., but by that point I didn’t care – we’d done it! We TOTALLY got married! :

Then came the photies. I hate having my photograph taken, so this was agony. But here’s a couple, so you can see the thing which caused most consternation amongst members of the church. I had BOYS as bridesmaids! AND one of them was wearing a DRESS! I think they were expecting a pantomime dame to rock up, with a ‘tache and hairy legs. Rob, I’m pleased to say, Veet’d himself smooth and looked stunning in his frock!

Tim, Rob, Us, my little sister Lucy, & Giles.

There were a few raised eyebrows when I announced my bridal party, but a girl needs her besties beside her when she’s walking down the aisle, and that’s was those chaps are. When the chips are down, we are always there for each other. Many emotional nights at university have been shared with those three blokes, and I love each of them dear.

What did the Groom’s party look like? Glad you asked:

Andy, Ru, Us, Edmund and Jim

Yep. There’s a girl there. She’s called Ru, and she’s Tom’s best friend. She also had the most amazing blue blouse on. They all looked brilliant, especially Jim who made his own cummerbund and skirt. But more on his amazing talents later. Tom is very close to both his brothers, but especially his twin brother Ed. He took his role of ring keeper very seriously, and was apparently very strict in not letting Tom turn round to look at me as I walked down the aisle, much to the amusement of the congregation!

Wanna see some parents?

Dad, David, Mum, Us, Mum in Law, Gran in Law, Dad in Law

This picture is a bit special. My parents had a pretty messy break up, and I didn’t see my Dad for a long time. Since my Mum has remarried, they get on much better, and so being able to have them ALL there was a very special moment. My youngest sister Sam was also there, which was lovely. It’s the first time me, Sam and my sister Lucy have all been in the same place at the same time. I think everyone managed to lay some old ghosts to rest, and hopefully it will have opened up the way to a more harmonious family life in the future. So YAY for weddings!

Before we headed off to the reception, there were bubbles:

And then I drove into town in my car, in my wedding dress, with my veil on. People seemed very happy to see me!

The reception was in the Victorian Bar of the Tron Theatre, and was basically all my favourite people, all in one place, all having fun. The speeches were all amazing, but special mention has to be given to Jim, in his role as best man, who delivered his poem in the form of an Epic Verse. And I use the word epic in it’s truest sense. You can read it here on his blog, as he posted it by popular demand. It was funny, and moving, and all the things a best man’s speech should be. You should read it. It’s brilliant.

Oh, and there was cake:

With an adorable cake topper made by Jim’s girlfriend Britta. French Fancies are my favourite – although possibly not Tom’s anymore, after I did this with the first slice:

There was a lot of dancing:

And there was chatting and catching up with old friends:

And I’m certain there was tequila, which led to a lot of love in the room!

Our friends from university performed a special sketch for us called “Jock the Ripper” which was hilarious, and made a lot of ladies very happy given that it featured handsome men in their underpants.

By the end of the night, everyone was beginning to flag, and we had a penthouse suite to go to! So time for one final, tired and emotional group shot:

We walked back to the hotel, through the streets of Glasgow, and it really was the most wonderful experience. My Step Dad offered us a lift, but having spent all evening in the company of other people (and given that the rain had finally stopped) we decided that a little stroll to the hotel in the cool of the night was just what we wanted. We stayed at the Brunswick Hotel, in the Merchant City, and T had already had a sneak preview of our suit when he’d checked the bags in earlier. We’d booked a basic room, but when they found out it was our wedding night, they upgraded us to the Penthouse. It wasn’t so much a suite, as a duplex apartment. Massive bed, huge bath, flat screen TV – it was wonderful. There was even a balcony for me to sit on and drink champagne! Oh yes, the first thing I did on entering the hotel was say to the receptionist “I have never said this before in my life, and I will probably never have the chance to say it again, but could we have a bottle of champagne sent up to the penthouse suite, please?” He was very pleased to help us, which was sweet! The hotel really finished the day off beautifully, and after breakfast in bed and a long soak in the tub the next morning, we felt like a proper married couple. Mr and Mrs… well, not quite. Mr and Mrs Bint!

So there we go, that was my wedding day. I married my best friend in the world, and I know already that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been welcomed with open arms into a lovely family, and with any luck we’ll be off on honeymoon to London in the next couple of weeks. We’ve had such a hard time in recent months, but the generosity and kindness of all our friends and family has been something to cherish forever. It’s made everything seem less bleak, and we both feel energised and ready to get on with life as a married couple.

So here’s one last picture, of myself and my husband. I do love you, Tom.


2 thoughts on “Some Random Wedding

  1. Wow… I loved everything about this post! Congratulations on your marriage 🙂 lots of happiness and love to you both! and… great pics 🙂

  2. Louise says:

    You look wonderful. My FIL had a designer who had her gay best mate as her bridesmaid. FIL is a bit old school and didn’t quite get this but you do what is right for you x

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