Beat the Heat, Hit the Road


July 25, 2011 by Rhi

Weight Wars

Well, another week goes past with little input from me.  I have my excuses, too much life happening at the moment. But finally there is actually HEAT here to be beaten! Hopefully it will last until my wedding at least.

This week’s positive picture:

I realise my last two pictures haven’t exactly been pictures as such. But hey ho. Sometimes I find words more inspirational. Cheesy though they may be, I find validation sometimes in others who have picked the right words to describe something which I have experienced. And these words are quite prescient for me at the moment, for a number of reasons. Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of a shit storm, it’s easy to try and fight fire with fire. When the rage turns white hot, and you get angry about things that you see and hear, the easy way out is to turn round and give as good as you get. What I’ve been finding more conducive to a peaceful, and happy, existence, is to think twice. To ask what it is that I hope to achieve. Will I feel any better for shouting at someone? Will they listen to me any more? Will they change their opinion, of the issue or of me, if I throw harsh words back at them? The answer, invariably, is no. And so my ongoing quest for happiness now involves forgiving people for what they say, and what they think of me. It’s hard at first, to recondition the response. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. Looking at yourself instead of searching for flaws in someone else isn’t a sign of weakness. I was discussing it with a friend the other day, and they hit the nail on the head when they said “The trouble is, when you argue with these people, you are wasting your intellect on someone who can never appreciate it – whether they agree with you or not. Why bother?”. Indeed.

What did you do this week towards your goals?

Well, the walking has gone well. Thanks to a recommendation from a couple of friends, I downloaded RunKeeper for my phone and Ipod. It’s been great at motivating us both to get out and get walking – both by being able to keep track of what we’ve done, and also to plan walks for the future (when I’m less of a lardy arse). It’s also given us the chance to realise that we do more walking that we think. The other day, we were in town buying wedding things, and  T recommended that I turn the app on. So I did, and we discovered that, because we park in cheap places on the outskirts of the city, we actually walk a lot further than we realise when out and about!

The good turns are getting harder now, as I feel it’s cheating if I keep doing the same thing for the same people all the time. At the moment, I’m focusing on how I can change my behaviour to help others. Not blowing up over little things, or making time for people when I really don’t feel like it. That might sound like self-sacrificing bollocks, but for me it’s something that’s important. Putting other people first. So it’s going not too badly.

Writing is, however, going very badly, as is the blogging. Mostly due to lack of time. As the wedding gets closer, most of my time is spent organising things here and there, and so my spare time is hard to come by. This pains me, especially as the joy of marriage is being overtaken by the horror of planning. But more on that little gem in the next few days. However, at least by not blogging so often, I’m not getting distracted by the less happy things. Recent events in the world have almost provoked a response from me, but I’ve steered clear. It does me no good to put things out there, at the moment. My thoughts remain my own.

But the tidy house – my GOODNESS has that one moved on apace! After YET ANOTHER flea infestation, we have bought some terrifying stuff from Teh Internetz, which comes with a myriad of warnings and a promise to kill all fleas, in all stages of gestation/life, stone dead. So the house has been hit by a whirlwind of tidy. Clothes in the right places, boxes emptied. Bookcases organised, and corners cleared. The good weather has also meant we can dry things outdoors, which is also a bonus. Job is a good ‘un. I am especially proud of this because, given I’ve got people staying with me in a couple of weeks, I’m actually ahead of the game for once. Usually, I’m up til 4am the day before arrival, desperately trying to find places to hide my crap. This time, it’ll be a casual hoover and dust, and a change of bedlinen. It’s like progess, Jim.

Do you exercise? What’s your favourite and why?

No. Simple answer. Am rubbish. I walk, sometimes. But not often. I’d like to start running, but as I have a chronic back problem (which is getting worse with age), I have to be very careful what I do. Even swimming is a problem – I have to do front crawl gently, or back stroke, because the kicking action of my legs makes the problem worse. One good thing about the nice weather and having a decent sized garden  at last, is that T and I can indulge in our love of badminton from the comfort of the patio.

Which blog or blogs have you discovered through the challenge that you particularly enjoy?

This is where I get shown up! I’ve managed to catch up with most people’s posts as part of the challenge, but I haven’t been able to get round to properly READING the blogs yet. I may add them to my blogroll, to encourage me to read more often! I do, however, recall really enjoying Munchberry last week. But if you’ll permit me, I shall endeavour to read more this week, and answer this question then.

What song makes you want to dance at the moment?
Lots of songs make me want to dance!  I have to admit that, in terms of chart music, I am completely clueless. I’ve never been one to listen to commercial radio, and even Radio 2 has fallen by the wayside for me in recent times. That’s not to say I’m stuck in the dark ages – I’ve always been very eclectic in my music. But what I mean is, my go to dancey tunes change rarely. A Town Called Malice by The Jam, will never fail to have me leaping around the dancefloor/pub/living room/shower cubicle like a thing possessed.

Again, this is something else I may come back to in a post soon – I’m going to be downloading lots of music for a wedding reception this week!



12 thoughts on “Beat the Heat, Hit the Road

  1. Thinking of you as the wedding gets closer. I remember that feeling as you feel like you’ve got so much to do and not enough time. It will all come together on the day and be worth it, I promise x

    • Thank you! This kind of sensible thinking is increasingly required as we get closer to the day, and the requests from others get more and more ridiculous!

      Can’t wait til next Saturday!

  2. Becks says:

    It sounds like you are going to start married life as a positive and productive person 🙂

  3. fifimcd says:

    The tidy house is a huge thing for me. If my environment is well-organised, I feel SO much better about everything else. AND it’s a fair bit of exercise if you’re doing it right 😉 Keep it up.

    • It has made a MASSIVE difference! The hardest part is that everything looks worse before it looks better, but we’re *nearly* there now… still with a week to go! I have sweated buckets doing it thanks to the hot weather we’ve been having. The trick is to make sure I still fit in my wedding dress afterwards!

  4. katie warren says:

    OH i have recently been trying to keep my house neater. WHAT A CHALLENGE!!! THe minute you clean it and sit down someone spills something or puts something somewhere…arg! Well go forth together trying to keep a tidy house!

    • I KNOW! At least there’s just the two of us living here at the moment, but I just know that all the hard work will be undone once my friends come to stay, and the assortment of beer cans and whisky bottles litter every surface! Oh well… at least we’ve got recycling bins here, so there’s no waiting for a trip to the dump to get rid of them. I have no excuses really!

  5. munchberry says:

    First of all a big thank you and hugs for enjoying my blog.

    I have a question and I hope it is not too nosy. If it is, why… you will ignore it right!? What is up with your back? Because that is a complete downer that you cannot even swim. Does it hurt to arch it? Is that when it hurts to kick or is it the push through the water. It seriously sucks the big one to have back problems.

    I tried to look up runkeeper but the site is not very informative. Does it track how far you went? On an I-Pod? I am not gonna go out running, but occasionally I venture out on a walk. Why not track distance?

    I’m gonna have to download that song to my ipod. Or rather I am going to have to get hubby to download it to my IPod.

    Wedding this week? Congratulations! yay! Fingers crossed for perfect weather and gorgeous sunset.

    • Yay! You’re very welcome… you made me laugh!

      It’s not a personal question at all. I have problems with my sacroiliac ligament, which at it’s worst can completely disable me for up to a week at a time (literally, last time I couldn’t even go to the toilet by myself I was in so much pain). The trouble is, because it’s ligament and not joints, any movement is a problem – even in swimming. If I swim breast stroke, the arch in my back makes me stiff when I climb out, and if I swim front crawl, the kicking action of my legs makes it worse. Fortunately, I can do back stroke, but it’s hard doing that in a public swimming pool as you tend to career into people! I hate having so much trouble at such a (relatively) young age. According to my physio, the damage was done years ago – because I’m tall, I’ve always stooped slightly, which has elongated the ligament beyond repair. Hey ho – it’s something I’m learning to cope with now, and I can avoid it getting too troublesome by limiting my activities.

      And Runkeeper – It’s FAB! It tracks how far you go, and the elevation of your walk, based on Google Maps. It also shows the calories you’ve used, and your average speed (not much use for walking, but when I do start running, it will be handy). I use it on my Windows 7 phone, which tracks distance, speed, and route. Obviously the Ipod doesn’t have GPS, but from what I’ve seen on it on mine, you can use it to track the length of time the activity takes, and then upload that, and plot the route manually on a map afterwards. I’ve actually forgotten to take my phone the last couple of times I’ve been out, and so have inputted the route on the site at home afterwards. I’ve found it’s excellent at keeping me motivated, and because it’s on my phone, I have been using it even when we’ve been out and about in town. The last three shopping trips we’ve been on, we walked over 3 miles! The site also keeps a running tally of your activities, and how far you’ve walked in the month. All in all, it’s a useful tool to have and it didn’t cost me anything to download on my Ipod OR my phone.

      And yes, A Town Called Malice is essential summer listening, as far as I’m concerned!

  6. Kris says:

    You’re planning a wedding and you have a clean/organized house? You’re amazing! (Would you like to come visit? My house needs some help!)

    I love your inspirational photo this week – I’m going through a passive aggressive phase with a co-worker right now, and I really just need to find a more mature way to deal with it… thanks for the added inspiration. 🙂

    • It’s fab, isn’t it?! I got it from a site called Pintrest, which has all sorts of kooky and quirky pictures on it. Well worth a look.

      And yes, the reason why I have a tidy house is because I’m trying to avoid thinking about planning the wedding! It’s amazing what you can do to distract yourself, isn’t it?! 😀

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