Beat the Heat Week 2 – Keeping on Track


July 18, 2011 by Rhi

Weight Wars

Well, it’s been a funny old week. Some parts unpleasant, other parts wonderful. It meant I didn’t feel like writing much , but it’s also reinforced my determination to stick to my plans. I allowed myself to be persuaded to stray back to old habits. And whilst there wasn’t much pleasure in being proved right, it has made me realise that there is another way forward, and I don’t need that hassle in my life anymore. The internet is a funny place, and people act differently there. The best place is in reality, and focusing on what’s right in front of me, rather than what may or may not be round the corner.

So onwards.

Here’s my positive picture:

This came via a couple of good friends on twitter, in the middle of a bit of a storm the other day. It’s an aggressive opinion, but I think it’s important to remember that, whilst you can try your best to be nice to everyone regardless of what they say or do, sometimes you have to just give up. Block and ignore. Move on. Stop caring. That’s the hard bit – to not care. Sometimes people are horrid – but you can’t live your life by what they say. We are all more than just the sum of our words, and that has to go both ways.

What have you done this week towards your goals?

Well, I managed to get the walk in without actually meaning to! We went to visit Glasgow’s new Riverside Museum, which is the new home of the Museum of Transport. And to save money, we left the car in a cheap carpark, and had a ten minute walk there and back to the museum itself. I think we enjoy walking together mostly because it gives us a proper chance to talk. There’s no distractions, and so we focus purely on each other. And it’s interesting to see things around about you, and discuss them, share knowledge with each other. Although we’ve been together more than two years, there’s still lots to learn about each other.

The Good Turns have been coming on alright, although it’s not easy when you’re stuck in the house all day. But in some ways, I feel that my lack of resources encourages me to be more giving – if I had money I could just give to charity and feel good that way. Instead, I’ve got to give time, or make a concerted effort to DO something. So I feel as though I’m sacrificing more than just a couple of quid. I’ve made an effort not to be horrid to people, to forgive people and give them the benefit of the doubt. I’ve volunteered to drive my church minibus, which will not only allow lots of the elderly in the area to attend the service, but will also lighten the load on other people who currently volunteer.

The writing and blogging are casualties I’m afraid. Lack of time and inclination have meant they are the first to go. But I’m still trying to come up with ideas, so that even if I can’t do things every day, I can at least have something to fall back on when I do get the chance. And as for the keeping the house tidy… well, there’s bad news there to… THE FLEAS ARE BACK! My darling feline, Oscar, appears to have picked up some kind of indestructible version which keep reappearing every few weeks or so. It does mean we have to hoover the floor every day, and spray. So we have a clear floor – but the constant effort to keep on top of them means we have little energy to keep on top of anything else – specifically the washing up mountain in the kitchen. We’re on it though. Totally on it.

What did you do to make yourself feel fabulous this week?

Well, my attempt last night at feeling fabulous – namely taking my wedding dress and veil to my Mum’s house to try on with her tiara – backfired spectacularly. Somehow, I managed to remove a scab from my ankle without realised, which ended up with my dress smeared with blood from when I stepped out of it. Cue much panic. Fortunately, I’m not usually a weepy person. So despite a feeling of horror, and that awful feeling in the pit of the stomach where you would do anything to undo the thing you’ve just done. But, crying wouldn’t take the blood out. So armed with advice from Mummy, I attacked it when I got home with a box of Andrex Moist Toilet Tissue, and I’ve removed it all. There’s a couple of faint stains left on some of the more delicate places, but it’s on the back and will be covered by my veil, so everything is fine.

This week I wrote about gadgets. Are you a gadget girl or a low tech person?

Well, that depends on what area we’re talking about. When it comes to phones, I’ve got to have something up to day and functional beyond just making phone calls! My current phone is an HTC 7 Mozart, which is a windows phone. I’d have happily had an iphone (I love my ipod touch) were it not for the fact that the tariffs available would have been a massive step down from what I get at the moment. And when it comes to kitchen equipment, I can’t get enough of gadgets – our wedding list is full of them. I would love a pasta machine, and also a really good food processor. Pretty much all of our meals are made from scratch, and so good quality kitchen machines are a must. My stick blender gave up the ghost a few weeks ago from over use during the winter soup making season, and my Slow Cooker is used at least once a week. But it terms of everyday life, sometimes I more analogue than digital. I still do a lot of my creative writing by hand, because I find it easier to plan that way. I never took a laptop to uni lectures, and I never use a calculator to add things up (or if I do, it’s only to check my own written work!). And there’s a lot of gadgets out there that I don’t see the point of. I doubt I’ll ever own an ipad or a kindle. If I have a need for a gadget, and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it (and it will improve my life!) then I’ll go for it. If it’s just something shiny to look at, then I don’t see the point.

We are halfway through the year. What have you achieved?

This is interesting, because I’ve only just started to consider setting myself goals. But if I look back over the year, I guess you could say:

  • I’ve survived the loss of my lovely Gran, who I miss greatly. And I haven’t had a meltdown, which I thought I might.
  • I’ve planned a wedding for less that £1,000 – and remained sane more or less throughout.
  • I’ve proved to myself that I can get the kind of job that I know I’m qualified for, and I was bloody good at it too.
  • I’ve lived for most of the year on less than £150 per week, without being arrested or feeling suicidal over debts. And we’ve still eaten well enough to go to bed satisfied every night.
  • I’ve grown three different herbs from seed, and I didn’t kill a plant!
  • I’ve committed myself to getting fit.

What is your favourite secret to achieving happiness and your goals?

Easy. My other half. There’s never a moment when I doubt his belief in me. Things haven’t been easy for us, or him. Every time we think we’re on top of things, something comes along and knocks us down again. But we stick together. It’s less than three weeks til our wedding, and at the moment we don’t know where we’ll be living by the end of the year, we don’t know when we’ll be able to start a family. We don’t know how we’re going to afford his tuition fees next year. But, none of that matters beyond the practicalities. Being with him has made me a better person, a stronger person, and more determined to succeed in life. What more could a girl want?


5 thoughts on “Beat the Heat Week 2 – Keeping on Track

  1. munchberry says:

    I am very sorry about your gran. It helps to have someone loving and strong to lean on.

    At first I was horrified that someone might have sent your quote to you in malice, then I figured out that someone sent it to you to (possibly?) to help bolster you. How else could it be positive outside of some masochistic bent?

    Very nice volunteer effort. Everyone forgets the old folks!

    • Thank you. 🙂 She was very poorly, and it was a relief. And we knew it had to happen some day. It’s just a massive re-adjustment to get used to it.

      And yes, it was sent to bolster me! From Becs @ Weight Wars, actually. She’s well aware of the situation I found myself in… which is admittedly all of my own making. If you go around poking bears with sharp sticks you’re going to get your head chewed off!

  2. Becks says:

    My heart was in my throat reading about your dress! OMG. So glad you managed to sort it. I would have been hysterical. Someone spilt red wine down my dress at my reception, it still has 6 little red dots to this day.

    • Oh NO! I’ll bet they felt awful too… or we’re they so drunk they didn’t notice (hence the spilling of wine in the first place?). And yes it was a FUCK! moment… followed by Shit shit shit!, and then a dejected “Bollocks”, and an “Oh nooooooooo.” We did both remain quite calm, amazingly. All’s well that ends well… as a famous bloke once said.

  3. Kris says:

    A wedding for less than 1,000 pounds? Nice job! Weddings have grown to be outrageously expensive when all that matters is that you’re spending the rest of your life with your love, and hopefully the people you love are there to witness it. 🙂

    So glad you got the blood out of the dress, blood can leave an awful mark if not treated right away.

    And I love your positive picture, the sentiment is perfect!

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