Sunshine After the Rain

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July 8, 2011 by Rhi

  by somerandombint
, a photo by somerandombint on Flickr.

This cheerful little thing was waiting for me when I stepped outside the back door this morning, to take in the early morning sunshine. I wish I knew what it was (I suspect it’s a weed, as it’s growing where flowers shouldn’t – namely the lawn), but regardless, the tiny splash of purple at the end of the patio made me smile. Since I’ve been on “gardening leave” for the last few weeks, I decided to take it at its word. And it’s finally starting to pay off. After clearing out weeds, pulling out grasses, wrestling with strimmers and jamming up the Flymo with more grass cuttings than the brown bin could handle. Granted, the back garden still has more buttercups than blades of grass, and the chance of getting down the side of the house without falling into an overgrown hydrangea is slim. BUT – we have tamed the grass to a level where we could play badminton happily, and the patio is clear enough to sit out on a lounger.

It cheered me up after a rather sobering evening on twitter last night, reading the latest on the News International affair. I’m not going to talk about it here, however, because there’s not much to say. I think I have become acutely aware of the pointlessness of being one voice on twitter recently. I’m not sure whether it’s a symptom of the ongoing issues I’ve had with people on twitter, coupled with the craziness which followed the Johann Hari “scandal” only a few days ago, but I’ve lost my passion. The sun is (occasionally) shining outside, and there are so many other things to do. There’s so many other things I’d like to talk about. I’d hate to become one of these people with a hobby-horse to gallop around on, and I don’t need the virtual slap on the back that twitter sometimes gives when people spew forth some half-baked opinion.

There are some exciting things happening in my life right now. My wedding, for a start (which is taking up an awful lot of time and brain power, unfortunately!), and I’m rediscovering more ladylike pursuits – my crafts, my art and my writing. And so here we are – last night I set loose on the blog, getting ready for a new direction.

I’ll still be whining on twitter, no doubt. It does still interest me, and there are some incredibly clever people on there and I enjoy reading what they have to say on important matters. I still have opinions, but I don’t have any inclination to inflict them on anyone else, away from the dinner table.

It’s a question I often ask myself – Why am I doing this? What do I hope to achieve? Writing about current affairs. Hmmm – there’s nothing really that I would like to achieve there. I don’t think my blog is read by many people who disagree with me. Birds of a feather and all that. So if I’m not changing opinions, and if I don’t have the inclination to hunt down new insights, then what’s the point?

But I do have an urge to write about other things. Nice things. Things that people can’t misrepresent, quote out of context, or pursue me over for months after I say them. Flowers in my garden, the things my cat does when he thinks no one is looking. The lovely things I find when I’m looking for inspiration for a project. Pictures and ideas that don’t change people’s minds, but make them smile.

The web is being trawled as we speak, for things which will make you smile. Little nuggets of niceness to make you go “ooh”, “aaah”, or some kind of combination of the two.

Like this:

Although he’s not on the web. He’s on my lap. Meet Oscar cat. He may feature heavily.


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