Memo: To – Students who want change in the NUS

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February 13, 2011 by Rhi

As well as kettling Aaron Porter, and throwing eggs at him, and jeering on facebook and twitter, I hope you’ve all got your places booked for the NUS National Conference.

Because if you think protesting is going to make all the changes, then you’re going to be disappointed. If you want another person to be NUS President, you’d better pick a candidate NOW. And get their name out there. And most importantly, you’d better make sure there’s enough people present at the NUS National Conference who are going to vote for them. Turning up there with placards and flour bombs is going to have no effect, unless you’ve got voting rights.

Aaron Porter isn’t a politician. He might have designs in that regard, but at the moment he’s voted for by representatives of the student body.  So by all means protest against him (although it would be better if you protested against the Tories and the cuts, but there we go), but it’s going to mean diddly squat unless you get yourselves elected as representatives for your union at the NC, on the basis that you want to oppose Porter as president. Throwing insults at him is a waste of time, when you have the potential voting rights to oust him in a democratic fashion.

You don’t NEED to protest against Porter. You just need to elect someone else. Simples.


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