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January 26, 2011 by Rhi

I wish I hadn’t taken that post down now. Word has reached me from various sources, that the issue has not subsided as I had been assured it would.

There is nothing more I can do, I’m afraid. I have never bullied anyone in my life. And I resent the implication that my name has been spread over twitter, accusing me of such. This is why I attempted to hide my online accounts for a while. I had hoped that, given I’ve been silent since Sunday, the matter had been closed. It seems that was wishful thinking.

No matter. Part of being a Christian is learning to forgive those who wrong you, and pray for them. I’ve spent a long time over the last few days examining why I believe what I do, and I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m not alone, and that the majority of Christians in the UK are happy to accept that differences exist, and that there is no need to continually attempt to persecute those whom we don’t agree with.

I’m going to make one more plea. Can this matter be left to lie, and can the comments being made about me stop please? I have complied with the requests of others, I would expect that others would offer me the same courtesy in return. Thank you.


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